Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Busy Season

This year looks like it will be a very busy running season. I just signed up for another half marathon--the Minneapolis Half-- and will start training next week. I have also signed up for the Get in Gear 10k to run with the NF Endurance Team in April. The rest of the season has at least 2 other half marathons (possibly a third), the Twin Cities 10 mile if I make the lottery, and a few other 5k races. I'll post the full schedule soon.

I did get a run in on Monday but it wasn't the greatest run. My left foot and calf were killing me right away and I tried to run through it but was having some difficulty. I ended up running 2 miles before I hit the eliptical for 15 minutes. I was really frustrated and just wanted to go home but somehow convinced myself to hop back on the treadmill for another mile. I didn't get a run in yesterday because I had class until 10 and still have yet to manage waking up at 5 am. Tonight is Andy's birthday so I will be spending quality time with him and hoping that there is some time somewhere to get a workout in--but not entirely counting on it. If not, I hope to at least attempt the 5 am workout as I have night class tomm and Friday. If you haven't figured it out--this training for the half marathon is going to be a bit like a rubix cube with my time. Hopefully I'll figure it all out.


chris said...

Sounds like a great race schedule, Rachel.

Ugh, juggling time...never fun. Remember, nothing is as important as running. ;-)

The Alien said...

Looks like an exiting season, good luck waking up at 5am for those run, I'd have a hard time getting used to that.

Anonymous said...
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