Friday, February 5, 2010

Mental Mind Games

Run Time: 32 minutes, Run Distance: 3 miles

Yesterday I managed to make it to the gym in between work and class and only had enough time to run for half an hour. Which was okay because the gym was packed. It was another struggle of a run but I played some mental mind tricks to keep myself going. You wouldn't even believe some of the thoughts and slogans that were going through my head. Humor are the "tricks" I played to push my mind through--

First I started thinking about all the people walking on the treadmills around me and imagined that I was winning a race. This was especially helpful when the old dude 2 treadmills over decided that if I could run--he could to.

I then envisioned myself as a motivator. I could tell this poor guy running was not a runner and had not intended to run before he saw me running. I only know this because he only lasted about a minute before he decided that he didn't like it too much--that and he kept watching me. Anyways, I envisioned myself as a motivator beyond the moment at which this guy had stopped and was clearly no longer motivated (if he ever was). I thought of the way my dad tells me that I am inspiring and the way that he picked up running as a result of my own running adventures.

Then these thoughts weren't working anymore. I had to think of something else. Somehow I got the "John Jingleheimer Schmidt" song stuck in my head because that appeared to be a similiar rhythym to what everyone was thumping the treadmill at. Don't ask me. Quickly this song wore out and I didn't like the idea of getting it stuck in my head. So what better song to start singing in your head than, "Tearin Up My Heart" by NSync. This one makes more sense because I used to be an insane Nsync fan back in the day. But of course, I could only remember the chorus. So...that got old fast.

Next I started throwing running slogans out there. "Blast those hips" and "Rachel you can do this", or the one I find the most humurous..."I'm so proud of you." Proud...of myself? Where did I get this nonsense?

Somehow I made it to the end of my run. And I'm thinking that I need to charge my Ipod soon. Because my creativity in mental mind games is going to wear thin!!

What are your mental mind games???


Anonymous said...

This sounds like me during swim practice in college. I used to get suddenly embarrassed thinking that someone could hear my thoughts or something. Especially since underwater I used to say a lot of them out-loud.

Marathonman101108 said...

My mental mind games are generally acting mental and either singing 70's songs to myself or out loud if (I think) no one's around or can hear me. I also at times will yell dumb words of encouragement to myself, sometimes out loud, like "Come on," "Faster," "You can do this," "You're dogging it" get the idea!

Alissa said...

I totally play games in my head like that! A lot of times I see the same people at the gym because I go at the same time of day. I start to create these people's life stories - where they work, if they have a family etc. I don't think I could go very far at all on a treadmill without my music. Get that ipod charged girl! Good job muscling through that run!

The Alien said...

You really need to charge that iPod. I can't handle more than 15 mins on treadmill without mine.

I like doing and editing videos, so one of my mental games is thinking I'm making a video of myself running, so I have to run in a good form and fast, because I can't look bad on the video. I also sing, most of the times to myself as I don't want to bother people around me