Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adventures of a Klutz: Falling Up

So...Sunday night I had a bit of an accident. These things tend to happen when I am super hyper and in the best of moods as was the case on Sunday. I was in search of a missing Diet Coke. I had just gone out to the garage in my socks to see if I could spot it in my car. It had not been in my car so I started up the stairs. Somehow my footing wasn't right. My sock slipped on the step and I came crashing down. It wasn't a small crash either. My knee banged into the step with a great force. The pain was intense and Andy rushed down the steps to rescue me. He helped me up the stairs as I was having a hard time walking. I sat down on the couch and sitting on the floor next to the couch was my darn Diet Coke.

Anyhow...I had a hard time walking on it all night Sunday night. I figured I should go into the doc Monday to make sure all was okay. The doc said my knee was just very badly bruised and sent me on my way. He said it is so swollen that he couldn't really see a lot but if it isn't 90% better in 2 weeks to go back in. Well, today I can walk on it better but going up and down stairs still hurts pretty bad. I haven't attempted a serious run on it (I'll admit that right after it happened I tried to just run in the living room to see if I could). The doc said to stick to the bike for now. I have the triathlon in less than 2 weeks so I'm hoping that it heals quickly.


Alissa said...

Oh no! That sounds really painful! Good idea checking in with the doc. I hope you heal quickly so you can get back to running again soon. Maybe ice would be good?

Marathonman101108 said...

Yes! I'm not the only "klutz" in the world. If it makes you feel any better, I once broke a toe by walking into our clothes dryer. Anyhow, seriously, get well soon. You don't "kneed" any knee issues. :-)