Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon Race Report

Results: 13.5 Swim Lengths, 13.6 miles on bike, 1.97 miles running

On Sunday, my cousin and I completed the Fridley Lifetime Indoor Triathlon with the NF Endurance Team. I'll break it down by event:

Swim- We had 10 minutes to swim. Neither Steph or I trained in the pool--at all. I used to really suck at swimming in high school and I don't think that has changed. Steph kept swimming ahead of me and then saying, "Come on can do it." It was tough. If I ever do another triathlon, I will need some serious time in the pool. I was exhausted by the time that we got out of the pool and still had 2 more events to go!

Bike- We had 30 minutes to complete the bike portion. Steph spent a little too much time in transition and we were late hitting the bikes. Everyone had already started. I was really thrown off and didn't take the time to adjust my bike. BIG mistake! I had a rather painful ride due to the seat riding up by butt and the awkward leaning that I was doing. Midway through the ride, I got confused and thought the instructors were telling us to get off the bikes. I stopped pedaling and lost some time there. Steph put on her crazy face in this room and was drumming to the songs they were playing and singing. When we only had 5 minutes left, one of the facilitator dudes came over to tell us we had 5 minutes by putting up his hand--Steph thought that he was trying to high five her so he high fived him. He then high fived me as well and then made sure he put his hand on the other people's bikes to tell them they had 5 minutes left. We were also the only ones to get high fives at the end of our bike portion--thanks to my crazy cousin.

Run- We had 20 minutes to run. I wanted to finish this portion strong because all of the other events really did not go so well. I started out running way too fast (around a 9 min mile) as I was trying to make up points and quickly lost my energy. I had to crank my speed way down for a minute to get my breath back before moving it back to 10 min mile.

All in all--it was a fun event. The jury is still out on whether I will actually complete a "real" triathlon someday.

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The Alien said...

Congratulations on finishing all 3 events!! I always have to run really slow when I go from the bike to a run, my legs seem to disagree with starting to run after a hard ride, but after a while they I go into the motions and can go to my usual pace. *High Five*