Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two Wheels Stuck in Neutral

Bike Time: 20 min 58 sec, Bike Distance: 5 miles, Eliptical Time: 30 min

Unfortunately, my knee is still in what I like to call "crummy condition". I have an indoor triathlon on Sunday and it is looking more like I will be walking the treadmill portion than anything. How embarrassing! We will see what happens before then though. Right now I can't run. It feels sort of like two bones jamming into one another when I even attempt it. I did make it about 4 strides the other day on the treadmill while I was testing the knee out--it didn't go so well.

Yesterday I figured I would try to build up my bike skills on the stationary bike at the gym. Something about being on a bike sitting in neutral is just not real exciting to me. But somehow I made it more exciting by trying to go as fast as I could maintain speed. I completed 5 miles in under 21 minutes and I'm not entirely sure whether that is good or not. When I hopped off the bike, my knee felt like it was stuck in one large cramp. I figured I must have done a decent job at working the muscles in my knee but this is just me estimating things as I don't know the first thing about how to heal a bruised knee. I didn't even know a bruised knee could affect mobility until I took my stumble up the stairs.

I also have not done any training in a pool. This is the downside of belonging to an Anytime Fitness. So...that portion will be rather intersting. I figure it is only 10 minutes and if I make a fool of myself--then it is only for 10 minutes, right?

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Marathonman101108 said...

Easy with the knee, speedster! As far as pool training, I can't swim very well, but would like to take a water aerobics or water therapy class someday. Maybe not, unless I wear a floaty thing. Anyhow, bummer about the knee pain still being there. Is this knee pain due to the fall up the stairs I just read about in your previous post? Oh, and "Work on that patience thing--you don't want to cause further injury and be set back even further!" Yup, I just told you the same thing you told me! :-)