Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Salt in the Wound

Run Distance: 3 miles, Run Time: 30 minutes, Eliptical Distance: 2 miles, Eliptical Time : 20 minutes, 150 crunches

Just want to give a quick Thank YOU to all of you who have been supporting me lately. I appreciate it!!

Anyways...yesterday I aimed for 6 miles and ended up chopping that in half and adding the eliptical. I was doing well in the beginning but I have a lame excuse this time as to why I didn't complete. The gym was warm and I was sweating up a storm. Actually it involves a little more than that...let me explain. Living up here in the North Land has torn my skin up. This weekend I was outside in 11 degree temps that really felt like the negatives because of a slicing wind. I wasn't just out there a few minutes either, it was almost the whole day. So...my legs are really really chapped and sweat makes them sting like you are pouring salt into an open wound. I made it to 3 miles before the sweat dripping in my eyes and stinging my legs was enough. I hopped off, wiped off, and got on the eliptical. For some reason the eliptical doesn't make me sweat near as much as running so I was a little better off there.

I am starting to lean towards completing that goal of running the Twin Cities Marathon this fall. I realized that my class load won't be horribly bad during the training months and I think I will miss it otherwise. I still have a few months to decide though.


Marathonman101108 said...

Hi! I found you on Carlee's blog. Reading about your horrible weather in Minnesota makes me, for the first time, actually appreciate the winter weather we're having here in Connecticut. Hang in there and hope for an earlier than normal spring!

The Alien said...

I was going to write a post complaining about rain last week... now how can I do that when you are unable to run because of how cold it was the day before!!!!

I have to be honest, after reading your blog for so long I didn't really believe you when you said you were not going to run the Twin Cities Marathon, I was/am pretty sure you were going to end up changing your mind and going for it :p

Alissa said...

The elliptical makes me sweat like crazy, running, not as much. Weird! Thats exciting that you are thinking about the Marathon. Your prime running season is just around the corner now, you must be getting excited. I'm the exact opposite. It was 85 degrees here yesterday. Still cool enough to run but, it won't be long until I have to retreat into the gym again. Keep up the good work, and building up that milage base.