Friday, February 20, 2009

Another 6 for the record

Run Distance: 6 miles Run Time : 59 minutes

Yes...I ran another 6 last night and it felt amazing. I think that my running groove is finally coming back. Actually I think it will really kick in once the nice weather returns. Yesterday it was 2 degrees when I woke up. That is just not right. Anyways, it is supposed to get into the upper 30s early next week. Just have to blast through this weekend with the 20s. Actually the weather I'm really looking for is near the 50s or 60s so I can at least run outside!! I've seen way too many ice accidents to actually dare run out there right now.

I will be travelling to Colorado in a couple of weeks...yay! I was thinking about doing a race out there but it appears that the only one I can find is in Fort Collins which is a little too far from where we will be staying. Maybe I will at least a few nice runs in anyways.


Irish Cream said...

YEAH! Nice job on the run, Rachel!! Isn't it the best feeling to finally feel like you're getting back into the groove? I'm so happy for you :) Oh, and I totally echo your anticipation of warmer temps! Please come soon, spring!

nwgdc said...

Definitely get a run or two in. It's amazing out there! Look up the High Line Canal or Waterton Canyon-both worth it!