Tuesday, February 17, 2009

6 mile Excitement

Distance: 6 miles Time: Somewhere just under 60 minutes

I never thought I'd say this...but I'm so excited that I finished 6 miles yesterday! I'm still trying to face the reality that somehow I let go of the 26.2 mileage base I had behind me in October. But it is best to focus on the positive...I finished 6 miles yesterday!! Anyways, I set out to do the usual 3 I've been doing. Then midway through I decided that I was getting real sick of those 3 milers. I decided I was going to run 6, despite the fact that the treadmill cuts off at 45 minutes. I stopped it at 4 miles and then restarted it so that I could avoid the "dreadmill jolt" (the jolt you experience when the treadmill decides to suddenly stop for a cool down without you telling it to).

You may also see a "venting" post soon about Anytime Fitness-Roseville. I'm debating on whether this is a good idea or not. I could just highly suggest any Minnesotans who read this to avoid becoming a member there if at all possible. Their business practices are not only highly illegal but very inconsiderate.

Anyways, yay for 6 miles!!! Hopefully this will help start the running season around the corner!


The Alien said...

I'm happy that you are getting it back! I also hate thinking back and seeing that I've lost the base I worked so hard to get before. But like you say, just focus on the positive and in no time it will start to come back, seems like today was a great start, keep it up!

EmLit said...

I certainly know how you feel about losing your mileage base...I'm so there right now (this sounds like a State Farm commercial). Great job on the unexpected six miles!

Alissa said...

Six miles has always been a benchmark for me, so I understand how excited you must be. And please, vent away! I'm curious whats happening. I was so frustrated with LA Fitness last year that I finally left for a more expensive gym. It was well worth it!