Friday, April 30, 2010

SORE Muscles

I don't know what it is about last weekend but the pain seems to keep carrying through...

After the race my legs were pretty sore on Saturday. Sunday I helped my parents tear down a shed.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday my legs felt as stiff as a board. I realize I forgot to stretch after the race (which is somewhat unusual for me) but I wasn't expecting this kind of soreness to last for so long!!

Finally last night I did intervals on the treadmill and the soreness in my legs seemed to have finally gone away. Only to realize I had a new sort of soreness. In my arms! I thought I would start adding some Wii Fit on top of my regular training on Wednesday night and I've been paying for it ever since. My arms feel like they can barely stretch out straight.

I was thinking about investing in a Stick or a roller. I don't know how well that might help with these sorts of issues because I've never had stiffness or soreness impede future workouts. Whenever I get sore, it never seems to slow me down too much but this week the legs would barely move!


Julie said...

Hi Rach,
I was a little sore after Saturday's race too. My first attemp to run was Monday and it was an easy 3 miler. My legs felt like they weighed 100 pounds:( I have heard nothing but good things about the rollers. I am hoping to purchase one or two sometime soon.

THe picture that they took of me was right before the turn up to the finish strip. I was running on the cobble stone...trying not to fall on my ass:)

Have a great weekend Rach!

Ken Zelez said...

Hi Rachel,

Yes The Stick is awesome for sore muscles. In fact, you should use it as a warm-up tool, a recovery tool and a tool to help relieve your sore muscles. I actually distribute Sticks in Alberta, Canada and runners love The Stick!! In the US go to