Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Biking, Running, and the love of baseball

This weekend Andy and I made the decision to go on a 23 mile bike ride on the Luce Line Trail that goes starts in Plymouth and goes 63 miles west. The portion that we rode was crushed limestone. The ride was quite enjoyable on the way out but at about 18 miles we both needed some extra energy. Andy's speed dropped considerably and by the time we got back he was freezing cold (even though it was warm outside). I told him we needed to get some food in him and that really seemed to help. Next time I think we'll be packing a little snack.
Anyways, the next day I had a scheduled 8 mile run. My legs were still pretty sore from Saturday's bike ride and I dreaded the run all day long. Finally it hit about 5:00 and I knew I needed to just get out there. Once I started moving, the 8 miles flew right by. My knees were bugging me on Monday though so I decided to take it easy and not force an extra run in on Monday.

Last night I got out of class early and managed to get my 4 miler done at the gym (as it was dark outside). My speed has improved greatly and that run felt awesome. I guess I haven't really been paying much attention to my speed lately because I've been relying on Andy's bike computer to tell me the distance as he rides along while I run. I may have to get out my Garmin and actually try to figure out how to work it soon.

This weekend is my very first 10k--the Get in Gear 10k. Kind of ironic that I've run practically every other distance but never ran a 10k. I am definetly well prepared for this race so not too concerned. I will be running with the NF Endurance Team--always a good time running w/ my NF teammates!

And tonight....going to see my favorite catcher play in our new ballpark...


Anonymous said...

I had run tons of other distances before I ever took on a 10K, and I've still only run one 10K! Good luck in your race!

Julie said...

Hi Rach,
Wow, awesome job on your 23 mile bike ride!! I have not yet been to the Luce Line sounds like a great place to run/bike:) Plymouth is just down the road from me...I must try it out sometime! I will be looking forward to reading your Get In Gear race recap! Enjoy the rest of your day:)

Rad Runner said...

Hope your first 10k was rad! :)

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