Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Runs are Getting a Little Longer

I actually started writing this blog on Monday and wiped it all out.

7 mile run completed on Sunday. It was actually a great run--beautiful day outside and overall a lovely run.

4 miles on Monday which was also a wonderful run.

Today I'm feeling pretty blah. I have this sore throat/nasal issue that has been going on since November or before winter started. It seems to have gotten worse lately and comes with instant shooting headaches. I went to the doc back in November or whenever it was and she told me it was the changing of the seasons (at that time it was changing to winter). Now I'm not sure whether I still believe this but I don't want to go back in and make a big deal of nothing. The headaches are the worst of it but I can deal.

On another note--I think I'm going to kick up this whole idea of weight loss again. I feel really out of whack lately because of a little bit of weight gain. Classes are finally winding down and I have time to focus on this issue...hopefully.

On a side note--I had a large chunk of metal fly out from somewhere on the road on Monday. Busted up my windshield and then bounced off the top of my car. Very lucky it didn't actually go through my windshield. Nothing like another stresser to add to my already stress filled life!

Oh and....I have some other news. It looks like our efforts at organizing a race in Kansas City is going to be put on hault until next year as my cousin doesn't have the time to invest in it. We are still going to host some sort of appreciation dinner/benefit dinner in Minnesota.

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