Monday, April 26, 2010

Get in Gear 10k Race Report

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I wouldn't exactly say it was my best race ever. I woke up on Saturday morning to rain and it continued all the way until after I crossed the finish line. I wasn't entirely sure how I wanted to dress for the rain and made my first mistake with this race before I even stepped foot out of my front door. I decided to wear a pair of athletic pants instead of shorts and would later regret it. Mistake #2 was not leaving enough time to drive down to the race. The race was held in Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis and there was parking at the nearby Vet Medical Center and shuttles to take people to the park (1 mile). Unfortunately, there were 8,500 other people trying to get parked and ready for this race. I had no idea that this race was so large. I was supposed to be in the park at 8:30 to meet up with the rest of the NF Endurance Team but we were stuck in traffic on the way to the parking lot. We parked right around 8:30 and I figured if I ran the entire way instead of taking the shuttle (and waiting in the massive line for the shuttle), I might make it to the park by 8:40 when the team took a picture. However, that didn't quite happen. I barely made it before they started announcing to get behind the start line. I lost Andy during my race to the start line as well. The start line shoot was packed and I had to stand to the side of the crowd to let everyone by before I joined the crowd.

The beginning of the race was really packed. I found myself doing a lot of weaving in and out of people just to try to find my own pace. Somehow I think I got carried away and ended up starting out a little fast (yes--again!). I was feeling great up until about the 4 mile mark. It was somewhere around that point that I felt a great loss of energy. I felt like I'd just finished 10 miles instead of 4 and had to keep telling myself to keep moving. I was not
going to let myself stop but my speed was steadily decreasing as everyone zipped past me. I felt like my stomach was going to eat itself and like the bagel I had eaten that morning had somehow quickly burned away during the first 4. I kept on trucking though--knowing that the finish is what mattered and not the way my legs were burning or the way I felt like I could take a nice nap at any moment. Eventually I saw the park up ahead and we ducked through a tunnel where the half marathoners and 10k runners parted ways. I was surprised to see Andy standing in the tunnel to cheer me on. He took my jacket from me and I tol
d him I'd see him at the finish. This is where I should have actually told Andy exactly where to meet him as we ended up playing a nice game of "Where's Waldo" at the finish area.

As I came through the finish, I saw multiple NF Endurance Team members in the shoot and was really happy to see them there! There was so much neon y
ellow walking around--absolutely awesome! Anyways, I made it through the finish and got in line for the food where I ran into our team captain- Murray. Talked to him for a little bit and continued searching for Andy. I was starting to get really cold as I was just wearing my NF singlet with no sleeves (and the sopping wet pants). It wasn't too long before Andy found me and we started the 1 mile walk back to the car. Overall-- a fun race with a beautiful course along the river!

Next weekend my cousin is headed up to run the Run of the Mills 5k with my dad, brother and me.

Here is a water logged Rachel...


Julie said...

Hi Rach,
Nice job on your 10k!! Where was that picture taken? I wasn't sure how many people were going to be there either but I knew I wanted a good parking spot. I did not want to park at the VA so I got there super early:) I can't help it...I am always early! I checked out all of the pictures from the race and I am in one of them...I look lovely...not so much:( It was a fun race and I will most likely do it again next year.

Rad Runner said...

Isn't it funny how fat we end up going when we weave at the beginning? Maybe I will practice this on the beach path during my weekly runs :) A family run to come! How fun!

Anonymous said...
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Rachel said...


I was in one race picture as well and it was horrible. This picture was taken just as the 10k split off from the half marathon.