Monday, June 29, 2009

The 9 mile mistake

This weeks runs went okay. Nothing really notable happened on the short runs--still a little bit of a struggle though some of them but I can't really complain. Started to experience some knee pain but nothing really bad.

The 9 miler started out okay. The wind was blowing pretty hard right at me on the way out but I kind of appreciated the fact that I wasn't drenched in sweat and looked forward to the return when the wind would be blowing behind me. Well, I don't think I was quite so lucky. The wind had died down quite a bit by the time that I was headed back. I also had thought that 9 miles was still short enough that I wouldn't need to bring a hydration belt. I was quite wrong. Around mile 6, I started to feel really weak and I attributed it to being low on water and fuel. I had eaten a Fiber One bar before I left but I don't think it was quite enough. I was completely exhausted around mile 7 and looking for a water fountain anywhere that I could find one. I found a brand new one--that had no water. All I had pushing me forward was the idea that the sooner I got home the faster I would get water. I called Andy while I was about a mile out and asked him to bring some water outside for me because I'd be home within 10 minutes. I've never been so happy to see a jug of water.

Anyways, I have a 10 miler this weekend that I definetly will be bringing my hydration belt for. And some gels. I never brought gels on a 10 miler last year and was fine, but I definetly was out of energy on my 9 miler this weekend so I think it would be a good idea. My legs were also killing me later in the day. Not sure what that was about because I did do tons of stretching.


jillwillrun said...

It can't hurt to take a gel with you, just in case you end up like you did on the 9-miler. That's a sucky situation to be in, but I guess it's always a good learning experience... :-)

Kayla J. said...

Ugh- sorry to hear about this! I guess we are always learning new things about our running!

Zeeshan Amjad said...

I agree with kayla J.

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EmLit said...

I agree with Jill--I think having some fuel (and hydration) with you couldn't hurt. I always prefer to run without extra stuff if I can, but lately it seems like it is worth the effort to have a water bottle or something with me just in case. Congrats on making it through a tough run!