Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I live in the land of extremes.

It's hot here. We are supposed to top 96 degrees today with a heat index around 101. Yesterday I think we topped out at about 93. I know, for some of you--this is average. But it's stinking hot here with this humidity.

Personally, I do enjoy the heat. Probably because my parents are Missourians. Or because I lived everywhere south of here prior to moving here. Or because we have bone-chilling winters that sometimes start early and always end late and I relish every single moment of warmth that I can get. But it is darn hot out today.

Anyways, I am scheduled to run a 3 miler tonight. And I am definetly not doing so outside. So I'm hoping and praying that Roseville-Anytime actually shuts the door instead of letting all the hot air in.

The runs have been going alright lately. I had a decent 5 miler on Sunday. Looking forward to this weekend's 9 miler. Although I think my I-Pod Nike Plus system has gone crazy. It told me I was running at 10:30 when I swear I was running moderately fast on my run this weekend. I even sprinted and it told me that I was running 9:30. I swear...I run much faster than that in a sprint. BLAH! Someday I will upgrade to the Garmin...until then the frustrations continue.


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EmLit said...

I was having the same problem with my Nike+. It seemed like no matter how I felt while I was running, it would give me the same pace reading, or one that seemed *really* off (like 11:45/mile, which I would have had to do deliberately). Other times it would just not calculate the mileage correctly at all. Have you tried recalibrating? I didn't have too much luck doing so, but who knows? It certainly couldn't hurt. I hope it starts behaving soon!

Irish Cream said...

I seriously do not get why your gym does that! It defeats the entire purpose of having AC on! Ugh. Anyway, hope the weather eases up on you guys soon! That is CRAZY hot!