Monday, June 15, 2009

Lovin the Long Runs

Tuesday: Crappy 3 miler
Thursday: Another crappy 3 miler
Saturday: Yet another crappy 3 miler
Sunday: AWESOME 7 miler

I don't quite understand it. the 3 milers this week were sub par. Saturday I made the mistake of taking Duke because I thought that he would be able to at least handle 3 miles. He handled it alright but he wanted to stop a million times to relieve himself. This starting and stopping method was not working so well for me. I nearly fainted as I rounded the corner to Andy's house on my way in. Not entirely sure what was going on there but it scared me enough to make me really dread my 7 miler the next day.

I procrastinated my 7 miler until the very end of the day because it was in the 80s and quite warm and I was terrified of fainting. Fortunately, the 7 miler started out awesome. And it ended awesome. I had to change my sensor out for my Nike+ system and was a little worried about that. It said that I was running an 8:30 min/mile in the beginning of my run and I thought that there was no way I was running that fast. But the distance was right on with what it should be. So I don't know what to think there. I need to recalibrate to be sure. Anyways, I overran my 7 miler by about .25 of a mile just to make sure that I indeed ran 7 miles. Towards the end of my run it said I was running about a 9:15 min/mile which is still a little fast for me but alot closer to what I usually run. I've been running about 9:30 on the treadmill and I know I run faster outside that I do on the TM so it could be possible that my Ipod was correct. Ah... the doubt! Anyways, the run went really well and I didn't have any problems. Hopefully the shorter runs start to get as good as my long runs have been.


Irish Cream said...

Hey, if the long ones are working, you must be doing something right! Great job! :)

Although, that's really scary about the nearly fainting--yikes! Glad you're feeling better!

EmLit said...

I agree with Irish about the long runs--as long as they feel good, I think you can count that as a win :) I had the same problem with my nike+ when I used it. It seemed like I was always running a few extra tenths of a mile just to make sure I had gotten in the distance I needed. I felt like I couldn't trust the accuracy of that thing!