Monday, July 13, 2009

Lindstrom Loppet 2009

My goal this year was to beat last year's PR and while I didn't exactly succeed, I still had a great time! Andy had promised me that he would run the Lindstrom Loppet with me and he stuck to his word. I really wanted his first running race experience to be an enjoyable one so I started the first 3/4 of a mile with him. Eventually I just decided that my being there would probably make him push harder than he probably wanted and I wasn't going as fast as I wanted so I took off. I pushed pretty hard through the remainder of the race passing everyone in the back of the field. I ran up hills while everyone else was walking and eventually made it at least to somewhere near the middle of the pack. I finished in 28:13 so about 2 minutes slower than last years time. I was 90/309 women and 27/59 in my division.

I waited around the finish line hoping that Andy would cross it. I was a little worried that he might be running or walking along and thinking "what did she get me into??!" Anyways, Andy did an awesome job and I was so happy to see him go through the finish line. He finished in 36: 31 which is pretty good for his first 5k and not having ran much at all before this race.

I will post some pictures...someday. I still haven't posted pics from the last 5k either but I keep making the mistake of having my parents use their camera and they lost the connector cord to load them. Yikes.

Anyways, I was happy to run this race with Andy. He told me it would be his last one but I think that he really enjoyed it.

The weekend was packed with activity as it was Karl Oscar Days in my hometown (a small Swedish town that celebrates a fictional character named Karl Oscar). We went to the Twins game on Sunday and watched them beat the White Sox (yay!) then I had to go home and prepare for my 7 mile run. I was so exhausted by that point that I really didn't want to run but I pushed myself out the door. I didn't have my Ipod so I had to guesstimate at 7 miles but I'm pretty sure I came close. It was an amazing run because the weather was in the 70s and beautiful for once.

This week I plan to get my 12 mile run done early as I will be going to a friend's cabin on Saturday. We'll see how that goes...


Emily said...

Nice job on getting out on Sunday! I'm on the other side of the fence this past week where I didn't wanna go and I didn't. Those are sometimes the most challenging. So GREAT JOB!

Irish Cream said...

So fun that you and Andy got to run in a race together! Congrats to you both! And very impressive that you made it out on Sunday--glad you were rewarded with some great weather :)