Monday, July 6, 2009

Heat + Rachel= Miserable

As you can probably see, Sunday's long run didn't go so well. I was scheduled for a 10 miler and had the wise idea to attempt this in the middle of the day. In my defense, our weather has been fluky lately--a mixture of cool temps and rain and spotty sunshine. At the moment that I decided to head out the door--it was full sunshine and a nice 82 degrees. I was not wise enough to bring a hat and only had my huge gigantic Coach sunglasses that kept falling off of my nose (I don't normally wear these running!). Anyways, I made it the first 4.6 miles perfectly fine. And then I don't know what it was, but I just hit a point to where the heat was getting to me. I blame it on my blonde hair and the way the sun goes right through it and penetrates my scalp. Just me making excuses for why my run went downhill fast. Anyways, I stopped at 4.06 miles and drank some water (one wise thing I remembered to bring). I continued on shortly after but my body did not want to move the way it did previously. I kept on running. The last mile before my turn around seemed to take forever. I had to turn off into a neighborhood and was extremely frustrated by running in the heat while everyone else was outside washing their cars and playing in the sprinklers. Anyways, the remainder of my run consisted of alot of running and walking and trying to get my mind back on running. I also got sunburnt. The strange thing is...I was wearing a short sleeve Tshirt but I got burnt like I was wearing a tank top--I think it was around the sports bra straps. See:

Anyways, on the good news front. The 25 before 25 is off to a good start. I've decided to take the weight that I remember being 2 weeks ago because somehow my weight this week was lower than I expected. I don't think it would be wise to try to lose 25 from my weigh in on Friday.

25 Before 25 Friday Weigh In: -3 pounds


Anonymous said...

This month's RW had an article about sunscreen and how you need to put it on, even under your clothes! Looks like your shirt wasn't a very good SPF protection. That's kind of annoying though, no matter what we do to protect from the sun, it's never going to be 100% enough!

Good job pushing through, the heat definitely drains you a lot faster than usual!

nwgdc said...

a decent 'bronzing' from the sun is a good idea every now and then...Vitamin D is probably the most underrated Vitamin!
Make sure to wear your 'solve the puzzle' band in the same spot always..that way you get a killer white tan line!

home exchange said...

Well it sounds like you perservered even if it was a pretty challenging run! That's the important thing. That's why you were out there in the first place! Admirable :)

Irish Cream said...

Whew, GREAT job pushing through, Rachel. Long runs in the heat are just the WORST! Oh, and that's some great progress on the 25 before 25 front too! Congrats :)