Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Side Stitches

Run: 5 miles with some walking. Time: 1 hour. Additional workout: 3-12 Chest Press @ 60 lbs

I absolutely hate getting side stitches. I really wanted to make today a longer run but my side was killing me. I've done some research on the buggers because it affects my workout at LEAST once a week. Evidently these painful cramps are caused by your diagphram hitting your liver as you run. Sounds like a joy eh? You are supposed to be able to get rid of them by :
1) slowing down (I really hate slowing down when I'm trying to reach a goal)
2) Pushing down on your liver underneath your rib cage (I haven't a clue where my liver is...but okay
3) Breathing shallow (I try this and it works temporarily)
4) Stretching the side with the stitch

So in conclusion, I went through all of the advice that I have read and none of it seemed to work yesterday. I managed to make it 3 miles without the side stitch and then toughed out the other 2. Hopefully this problem gets better or maybe someone has some sort of advice that actually helps with this??

Overall I think that my goals will be reached. I hope to run at least one outdoor run a week once it starts to get warm outside.

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