Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pushing On

Run: 6.1 miles Running Time: 1 Hour Other Workout: 3-15 Abductor, 3-15 Adductor, 150 crunches (left, right, center)

Had a great workout yesterday. I had to push myself a bit to get to 6 miles because I was incredibly tired. I read a bit more on the side stitches yesterday and have a correction to make. You are NOT supposed to breathe shallow. Instead they suggest a "belly breathing" which is basically pushing your belly out on an inhale and in on exhale. It seemed to work pretty well through my side stitches yesterday. I still could feel them nagging at my side but the pain was less intense.

I think I'm going to take it a little bit lower today just because I read some about training for runs. It is suggested that I don't do two long runs back to back and that is what I have been doing for weeks. I think I'll try to take some advice and start doing some elipticals and the bike today. Perhaps figure out more of the weight lifting machines. Or maybe I'll do a short run with some intervals. I think that sounds pretty good too.

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