Friday, March 28, 2008

Eliptical Madness

Distance: 5 miles Time: 50 min Other Workout: 3-12 chest press @ 80 lbs

Took it down a little yesterday. I'm hoping to get some intervals in tonight. I think that I need to be pushing myself a little bit faster. I'm hoping that the intervals might help with that. I'm also hoping to go by the Running Room this weekend to look at what type of shoes I need to buy. I want to buy some new running shoes soon so that I can try to break them in before I start my training. I'm also looking into getting a Nano with a Nike + feature so that I can actually track some outdoor runs this spring! I've been cruising other options though just so I can see if there is a less expensive way of doing so other than taking your car out. I can't exactly take a car out on running trails so it would be nice to at least see how far I'm running in some way or another.

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