Friday, May 14, 2010

TC 1 Mile Race Report

I signed up for this race merely because it gives you better chances at getting into the 10 mile in October but actually had a pretty good time with it.

This was my first completely solo race with no supporters and nobody else running with me. I drove over to the Minneapolis Central Public Library before the race and parked in the ramp to pick up my packet. We got a bright neon colored Tech T and some Fitsocks (totally worth the $25 registration fee!).

I bummed around the library for an hour or so before the race started and then headed down to the starting gate to line up. I was running in the Friends and Family wave because it started earlier and I could get out earlier.

I decided to start a little ahead of the midway pack knowing that there might be some traffic jams to get through in this wave. I probably could have lined up even closer to the start line in this wave...

The start horn when off and I took off. There were many kids and families around me and it was difficult to get going. I found every gap that I could and sped through. I realize that I had a choice to sign up for my age group and avoid some of this traffic jam--so don't think I'm criticizing it. :-) Midway through the race I could hear a dad yell to his kid, "We're halfway through!" This is when I knew I really wanted to pick up the pace if I wanted a decent time. I tried to speed up but many of the people who started out too fast in the beginning were putting on their brakes. Literally. I almost hit a woman because she just stopped right in the middle of the race. For safety's sake...I think this is where an announcement might need to be made about getting over before you just randomly stop. I realize there were a lot of people not accustomed to races in this event, but that can get dangerous! Anyways, onward I flew....There were a few more people to dodge in the last 1/4 mile of the race. I could see the finish line ahead and it seemed to be crammed. I was really worried that I wasn't going to make it through the crowd.

When I got closer I realized that the crowd had some holes in it that I could get through. The clock read "8:06" as I saw it coming into the finish line. I picked up my pace and finished as the clock read "8:30". Not a bad time for all the weaving I had to do. I was really hoping for 8 minutes but I'll settle for this.

There were lot of people at this race cheering runners on. Such a fun atmosphere! I told Andy that I'm going to drag him to this race next year and we'll run in our age division.

Final chip time 8:17. Overall 1284 out of 2340. 437 out of 1226 Females. 138 out of 348 females in my age group.


Joe Sherry said...

I bet if you didn't have to do all that crowd weaving you'd have broken 8 minutes easy! Great job all the same.

Julie said...

Oh Rach,
I really wish I would of seen you!! Nice work on your mile run:) I had so much fun too! I hated dodging all of the runners...or crowd weaving as Joe puts it:) Hopefully there will be a race soon where we can meet up!