Monday, September 21, 2009

Only 2 more weeks...

12 miler was a success! The weekends have been ultra busy lately now that school started back up again so I didn't get the chance to run until 5:30 pm on Sunday. Andy came to the rescue once again. He took out my girly light blue bike once again and rode alongside me for the entire 12 miles as it just barely started to get dark as we pulled in to his house. Actually having him there helped me keep up my pace and I finished in about 2 hours.

The Twin Cities Marathon is only 2 weeks away. My cousin and aunt are coming in to town to watch me (they live in Kansas City). So excited to have fans--hehe! Two weeks later, I will be travelling to Kansas City for the Kansas City Marathon Relay to team up with my cousin on a leg of that race.

My local hometown paper also printed a story about my fundraising efforts for NF and running the Twin Cities Marathon. Thought that was super cool. I don't know if I ever mentioned it--but Joe Mauer (Twins catcher) donated a signed bobblehead to the cause that will be raffled off to donors who donate $20 or more. If you are one who is a Mauer fan--you can find my donation page in the left margin of my blog.


SueBob said...

Wow - you are famous! Not only do you have fans, the media has picked up your story!! You should post a link to the story if you can, I would love to read it.

Joe Gunn said...

I'd love to get a hold of the link too. Newspapers will often let charities at least have a pdf of the article.

Rachel said...

Unfortunately, the paper didn't post the article online (only in print). But I will scan it in sometime soon.

Kari said...

Hi Rachel,
I just want to let you know that the MN NF Endurance team will be hosting a pasta dinner at Hotel Sofitel in Bloomington at 5:30 on Sat. Oct. 3. You are welcome to join us Free, because you are a fundraiser. We would love to meet you. CTF will also have a cheer section at 660 Summit Ave. Your family is welcome to come and hang out with us there is they would like. Otherwise look for us around mile 23 as you finish your race.
Please email me at if you are interested in coming with a guest to the dinner. Otherwise, good luck with your race, and thank you for making a difference in the lives of those living with NF!
Kari Harrison, MN Endurance team chair.

Irish Cream said...

Wow, very nice--news coverage is always good!

Ooh, you are getting so close now! You must be SO excited!! :)