Monday, September 28, 2009

Countdown to Race Day.

Here are my hopes and wishes for this week:

--That swine flu stays way, way, far away from me.
--That the rain does its thing earlier in the week and stops by Sunday.
--That work gets less stressful so I can bring this arm twitchy thing to a stop.

Race Day is Sunday. And I'm so ready to run.


Irish Cream said...

OMG, I swear I am becoming OCD over this swine flu thing! I really hope all of those things work out for you--my fingers are crossed! Because, girl, you sure are READY TO RUN!!! Hang in there! :)

nwgdc said...

Weather's looking better every day! Can't wait to get up there! Do you have plans for a pasta dinner at all?

Rachel said...

Actually unable to go to the NF pasta dinner because I have some family coming into town to watch and so I will probably have to do a dinner with them. Would have liked to have been there to meet everyone though!