Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 More Down

I seem to be lacking on recording my runs this week. I did some 3 milers and some eliptical work on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I actually got a 5 miler in...yay!

Less than a week until I leave for Colorado. I've come across a small dilemma. We are flying Northwest and they now have a luggage fee to check your luggage. I am being somewhat stubborn with this extra fee and have decided to carry on my luggage. Thus I need to hamper down my regular packing practices. Usually I end up taking enough clothes for 2 weeks if I am only going for 4 days. I think that usually comes down to the fact that I was in mid-training for a marathon last time I travelled. Thus I needed all of my marathon training gear and a fresh pair of running clothes for each run.

This time I think I am going to at least pack one pair of running clothes. I don't know how much running I will honestly get in out there. I guess it depends on what is planned for each day (We are only there for the weekend).


EmLit said...

Have a great trip! Good luck with the packing, I always pack for two weeks when traveling for just a couple days too.

Alissa said...

I always pack too much too. Maybe you can make sleep t-shirts work for running too (well sleep in it, then run, not the other way around!) Shorts can be worn more than once and sports bras and socks are small. You might be able to make it work for a couple runs. Have fun! Colorado is a great place.

The Alien said...

Have fun in Colorado