Thursday, December 11, 2008

Miss Busy Bee

That would be me. I have had little time to run and thus I've had absouletly nothing to blog about. And you could argue that today would be the same but I decided that perhaps blogging will somehow kickstart further motivation to run.

When most people say, "I don't have the time to run." Theoretically they do have the time somewhere- albeit getting rid of their favorite shows, they have time. But honestly, I have no time. I do watch one show on Tuesday nights yet I am always completing some sort of other task at the same time-homework and visiting with the boyfriend. For instance, look at one of my day's this week:

6 am- wake up
6:45 am- Leave for full time job
7:30 am-Arrive at full time job
4:00 pm-Leave full time job
4-5 pm- Eat, drive, prepare for 2nd job
5 pm-10 pm- work seasonal 2nd job
10 pm- Drive home
10:40 pm- Sleep

Theoretically, I could somehow wake up at 4 am and run. Or maybe run from 11 pm-12 midnight. But I assure you, I am not superwoman.

BUT...the good news. Class is done with, at least for a few weeks. And the seasonal job will be done when all of the jingle bells stop ringing.

So yay. I am now preparing for a "Get fit January". And this is not because it is January. I really do hate the popularness of getting fit in January. It creates an awfully stuff gym full of people with no commitment. I merely have no time until that point. And I will be mainly pre-training for the next marathon, if I decide to go that route. Which I no doubt probably will.

Anyways, I hope all of you are having a jolly holiday season.

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Irish Cream said...

Wow, girl. That is definitely busy . . . hang in there, though. You're ALMOST there :)