Saturday, June 23, 2012

Running with Partner??

I thought it would be great training for a marathon with my fiance.  What better way to spend our time than running together?  Well, I've determined that it isn't all cake and candy.  My fiance is 6'4 and has a natural stride that is much faster than my own.  I used to be faster than him and I'd slow to his pace when we ran races.  I guess when the coin is flipped it doesn't quite work in the same way.  I'm a positive motivator by telling Andy he is a "rockstar" when we are running or that he is looking great.  Andy likes to tell me that I'm going too slow.  He tells me to go faster and it only makes my run absolutely miserable because I feel like I'm going at the fastest pace that I can go.  I started out today's run thinking I was doing great and that it felt awesome.  About halfway through the run, Andy said, "Let's race back."  I told him that I was going at the fastest pace that I could and that racing back wasn't going to happen.  He started to try to tell me ways to be faster by saying, "Just push off."  Like I knew absolutely nothing about running in my 4+ years of running.  I know what feels right and I stick to that pace.  These runs have become miserable.  What used to be fun seems to be daunting at times.  I think we are going to have to start doing our short runs apart.  This bothers me because I really do enjoy running with Andy when he isn't nagging me.  And it is nice to have a running partner.  But I guess that is what our long runs will be for.  I guess it isn't fair to make him run slower than he is capable of running either.  It's just a bit frustrating to not be able to run together.  :-(

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