Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Just call me...the slacker. I've barely done any running lately. I had so much going on and just really lacked the motivation to hit the dreadmill (if you recall--I don't run when it is cold and we've reached cold temps).

Good news...I moved in with Andy. Bad news...It is an hour drive from my work. Better news...the triangle driving is over.

I did manage to get a run in last night. I swore I would never let myself "lose fitness" again. What a wierd way to phrase it--but I swear that is what they call it in the magazines. Somehow I lost fitness. My run was alright but definetly not what I expected it to be. I ran 3 miles and had to stop a few times. Lame. I just ran 26.2 less than a month ago and now I can't hammer out 3 miles without stopping. Hoping that it improves this week.


Marathonman101108 said...

Sounds like you are suffering from what I call PMS. No, not THAT PMS! I mean "Post Marathon Syndrome." You just ran a marathon two weeks ago, so your body and mind are still recovering. There's a lack of motivation, since you accomplished the marathon and a 3 miler by yourself is just not as exciting. Been there, done that...LOL. You will regain your mojo and moto(vation) in due time. P.S. I live in CT, and I would rather run in the cold and snow than run the "dreadmill."

Irish Cream said...

Oh yay! How fun that you and Andy moved in together!! Doesn't it make life so much easier? The triangle game is never fun.

Ha, and you see . . . this is apparently why I feel the need to have another race lined up that necessitates starting training immediately after the last one. I would totally do the same thing! But Marathonman is right. You'll get your mojo back--just give it a little time ;)

And p.s. I actually was CONVINCED that Wilson was going to propose this past weekend. He was just so hyper-obsessed with planning every detail beforehand, whereas we usually just wing it on trips like that. Hehe, I even painted my nails "just in case". Ah well, maybe next time :)