Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yet Again...Sick

Somewhere between Missouri and Minnesota, I captured a bug. It seems like I've been sick at least 3 times this year, highly abnormal for me. It isn't even winter!

Anyways, Monday I ran 4 miles despite feeling the sickness coming on.

Tuesday, the sickness got the better of me and I didn't run.

Wednesday was worse than Tuesday. Had a fever. Went to work still...but didn't run.

I have a mild fever now but feel a little better. The runny nose stuff has lightened up but it seems I now have a cough. Really, I have to get out and run. I know..."anything below the neck, don't run." Well...I have to. I have a 9 mile run that needs to get done. I probably won't make it the full 9 but I have to at least try to make it out there.

I have an 18 miler this weekend that I am really hoping I get better for. I missed last weeks 12 miler on vacation and so I NEED this one.


SDrunner said...

It's cool that you still want to run, even though you're sick. But if you don't completely rest, you may stay sick longer. Even though I'm saying that, I always ran even though I was sick. That probably wasn't a good idea, but that's just me. Feel better!

Irish Cream said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you are feeling crappy . . . but trust me when I say that running with a cough is not the best idea ever. During my last training cycle, I got a flu/cold thing that moved it's way into my chest and I attempted to run a half-marathon despite feeling yucky (and at that point, the illness was at least on its way out--I just wasn't fully recovered yet). I ended up having 4 lousy weeks of training after the half that left me SUPER far behind and playing catch up for the rest of the training cycle--it was such a bummer that all of my hard work early in the cycle was basically ruined because I ran that one day! Nobody can tell for sure, but I would bet that if I had skipped the half-marathon and rested for another few days until I was fully recovered, I would have jumped right back into training and been fine. Please be careful with running while sick with that cough, chica! Feel better soon!! :)