Friday, May 8, 2009

It's a Small World

Run Distance: 3 miles. Eliptical 30 min. Abductors 3/15 @ 70 lbs, Adductors 3/15 @ 70 lbs

So, this morning I was in a hurry and didn't get the time to put any foundation on. I wasn't looking my best when I headed to the gym this afternoon and I certainly didn't look any better when I left after my workout. I was wearing the gigantic tech T that my dad picked out for me from last weeks race and a pair of running shorts. Anyways, even though I would have much rather avoided making a public appearance, I really needed to go to to Target. On the way, I discovered I needed gas. And this is where the small world starts.

Sighting #1: I pull up behind a white car at the gas pump and realize that the guy pumping his gas is a coworker so I say hello and hope that he doesn't notice that my shirt nearly covers my short running shorts so I look like I'm just wearing a gigantic shirt.

I'm off to Target after the strange sighting at the gas pump. I rarely ever see coworkers out and about so it throws me a little off.

Sighting #2:
I enter Target and scan the food section for something to eat for dinner. I see a familiar face in the food section, but not someone I've formally met. I believe that I saw Steve in a Speedo at Target with his wife. However, I did not feel like attracting attention to myself in an awkward situation post workout in the Enormous Tech T. So I moved on with my search for wrapping paper and food. I always figured I'd run in to Steve and his wife at some point because he does do quite a bit of racing around the area. However, I always thought it would be at a race, not Target.

Sighting #3
Anyways, as I'm contemplating whether or not this was really the pair I spoke about, another coworker from my department at the Libraries is standing in the front of a seafood cooler in a meat hat and greeting customers. He spots me and strikes up a conversation with me about work. He says he is working this part time job at Target. I take off once he has a new customer...

Sighting #4
So I'm walking around the clothing department in Target. I look over a few racks from where I am standing and I see a third coworker in the clothing department. This time I run away before she sees me because I figured this one might not even recognize me because we usually just talk on the phone.

Anyways, I thought it was kind of odd that I ran into that many people in the matter of an hour. Must have been a popular time to be out and about.


EmLit said...

Sounds like Target is the place to be on a Friday night! It always seems that the times when you least want to run into people (for whatever reason) are the times when you can't stop running into people :)

Irish Cream said...

Oh my word, that is a lot of random sightings in one short period of time! I am so awkward in those situations--always running away or trying to hide behind something. Ha, I think I have some sort of social anxiety issues or something!

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SueBob said...

What Target was this...I think I may have seen you!

Just kidding - that is a freaky amount of sightings though.