Monday, June 28, 2010

So so sleepy

Sorry I've been slacking lately.  I started up a summer class right after I finished the Minneapolis Half and I've really been short on time.  I missed two weeks of long runs and finally got a long run in this weekend.  I didn't take my Nike + or Garmin but I'm guessing it was somewhere around 9 miles.  The first part of the run was great--the last 2 miles were horrid.  I ended up with a mean side stitch that was also hurting my clavicle and it wasn't going away.  At one point, I thought it might be my fuel belt since I haven't really worn it this season but it continued to hurt after I took it off.  I haven't really had side stitches in awhle so I was getting really frustrated. 

My energy lately has been zapped.  Every morning I've had to try to keep myself awake on the drive in by singing to myself.  This might be due to the sudden change in running levels because of the class that is taking up all my time.  Thank goodness it is over this week!!