Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Just May Be Crazy...

Well. I finished the Twin Cities Marathon. That nagging "what to do next" feeling was actually getting to me before I even crossed the finish line. And so it didn't suprise me when the very next day I found myself compulsively looking up races for next year. I will have no time to run a marathon as I will be getting ready to student teach for all of the fall marathons and I will have 3 classes during training for the spring marathons. Soooo...If you see me post something about thinking about a marathon--please discourage it. Because it may happen...

But the big news is...I've signed up for the Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon for August 2010!! And the best news of all--I will be running with my cousin, Stephanie! Actually it will be her first long distance race...and she is going to join the NF Endurance Team with me. Soooo...if anyone else wants to join in the fun--it would rock to run with you!

My plan for next year is to run a few halfs and maybe the TCM 10 mile if I get in. I'd like to work on my speed a bit and this will be the perfect opportunity to do it. I usually make these plans near the end of the year but I was feeling antsy and so there ya go--I'm already registered for a 2010 race.

Another piece of rockin awesome news--I have a GARMIN! Andy was so sweet and got me the Forerunner 405 for my Birthday yesterday.

Oh and I promise you--next post will include more pics of the Twin Cities Marathon. I just haven't had time!!


nwgdc said...

Congrats on the Garmin! Beware...very addicting...I take it on walks with the dog occasionally :)

I may see you again in Chicago too! I ran the Marathon there for 4 years and can attest it's a world class city and NF puts on a great show!

Irish Cream said...

Oh yay! Happy Belated Birthday!! How exciting that Andy got you a Garmin! I agree--your life will never be the same now that you have one :)

And congrats on already signing up for RNR Chicago! I LOVE running in Chicago . . . you'll have a great time!