Saturday, January 3, 2015

Too Long!!!

Wow!  It has been way too long since I've posted on this blog.  I need to do an update and to get back to running again.

Since the last time that I blogged, I have run quite a few additional races, and been through many different changes.

In April of 2013, I married the love of my life, Andy.  It was a beautiful ceremony, and I've grown to love him more and more each day. I never thought it possible to love him more than I already did when I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Caitlyn Rose in June of 2014.  There is a long story behind that which can be read on my mommy blog

On the health side of things, I lost nearly 80 pounds when I was in the process of getting married, and was the thinnest that I have ever been.  I've never in my life been able to wear a size 6, and I was in a size 6.  It felt amazing. 

Then I got pregnant and everything changed.  I am now probably near the heaviest that I have been.  I am currently breastfeeding, so it difficult to figure out what I can and can't do without losing milk supply.  However, she just hit 6 months, and I think that I can attempt to cut some calories and start doing some walking/running.  I think that I will start with short walks and runs on the treadmill since it is blustery cold here in Minnesota.  I'm hoping to eat more protein and vegetables and hope that just eating healthier will help to shed some pounds. 

We are going to Tahoe this summer, and my goal is to look somewhat better for Caitlyn's 1 year birthday pictures.  I don't want to hide from the camera at that point.  I want her to see her mommy in her pictures. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Running with Partner??

I thought it would be great training for a marathon with my fiance.  What better way to spend our time than running together?  Well, I've determined that it isn't all cake and candy.  My fiance is 6'4 and has a natural stride that is much faster than my own.  I used to be faster than him and I'd slow to his pace when we ran races.  I guess when the coin is flipped it doesn't quite work in the same way.  I'm a positive motivator by telling Andy he is a "rockstar" when we are running or that he is looking great.  Andy likes to tell me that I'm going too slow.  He tells me to go faster and it only makes my run absolutely miserable because I feel like I'm going at the fastest pace that I can go.  I started out today's run thinking I was doing great and that it felt awesome.  About halfway through the run, Andy said, "Let's race back."  I told him that I was going at the fastest pace that I could and that racing back wasn't going to happen.  He started to try to tell me ways to be faster by saying, "Just push off."  Like I knew absolutely nothing about running in my 4+ years of running.  I know what feels right and I stick to that pace.  These runs have become miserable.  What used to be fun seems to be daunting at times.  I think we are going to have to start doing our short runs apart.  This bothers me because I really do enjoy running with Andy when he isn't nagging me.  And it is nice to have a running partner.  But I guess that is what our long runs will be for.  I guess it isn't fair to make him run slower than he is capable of running either.  It's just a bit frustrating to not be able to run together.  :-(

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Day Down

The first day of marathon training has been completed.  Albeit we missed the first week of our training plan by  not being attentive enough.  However, we will easily catch up.  The 3 miles felt great as it was a bit on the cooler side today.  Andy was lagging behind me a bit in the end but still kept on my heels.

I also had a run on Sunday that didn't go quite as well.  I only ran 2 miles and it was near 85 degrees in the morning.  It got up to 95 degrees that day.

School got out last week so I'm hoping that I'll have more time to get some serious training completed.  I'm also running Ragnar with the NF Endurance Team and Women Rock with some coworkers so I've got some good races to look forward to.

I'll update with more exciting things as they develop.  Sorry this blog didn't have a lot of excitement to it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Hard Times

Oh man.  The first year of teaching really played a number on my running base.  Andy, my wonderful Andy, was complaining last year because I made him run back to back half marathons.  I was pulling him through the Seattle course just a year ago.  And now, he is tugging me along.   My speed has dropped drastically and it appears that Andy has surpassed my pace.  He is nice to me on the way out and sticks to my tortoise speeds.  However, on the way back, he is always pushing me to go faster.  He wants to race all the time and I already feel like I'm racing.  I've been letting him run the last half back on his own because I don't want to hold him back.  I'm excited that he is taking an interest in running but not so excited I can't keep up!

My hopes are that at some point Andy's speed will level out and I can catch up.  Duke and I went for a run all alone this evening as Andy wasn't home.  We ran a little over 2 miles, which seems so silly because 2 miles used to seem like a worthless run to me.  I never did anything under 3 miles.  I keep telling myself that building a base is important and that I will get there again.  It is just disappointing the way it is right now.

I have a new mantra that has made its way into my head lately.  My physical therapist from way back when I injured my knee once told me, "Pinch your butt cheeks when you run."  He was trying to get me to activate my quads so that I wouldn't put some much pull on my knee from my calves.  My calves were screaming last week, thus I've been telling myself to pinch my butt cheeks a lot lately.  :-)

I ran a 5k that was sponsored by a service learning group at the school that I work at a few weeks ago.  That is when I really realized that I was really out of shape.  I won't even tell you my time because it was HORRIBLE!  However, it was very nice to have my students on the sidelines cheering me on.  These are the moments when you really love being a teacher.  I also received two lovely notes from students this week telling me how much they appreciate my teaching.  These positive moments really help to push me forward.

Anyways, this summer will be a busy summer.  I plan on getting in to shape as my wedding is less than a year away!  Twin Cities Marathon will also be here before we know it.

That's all for now...I have to plan for tomorrow's school day!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm Baaaack!

I haven't blogged in forever.  I know.  The good news is I got a new job as a teacher at a charter school nearby.  I teach 7th grade writing, 8th grade writing, Composition I (9th &10th), and Creative Writing (High School girls).  It has been a blast but also keeps me over the top busy.  I joined the YMCA in November with the hopes that I would be able to make it to the gym.  I DID make it to the gym.  For about a month.  Then, the end of the semester coincided with the grading of a major paper for 4 classes, and my 2nd observation.  I literally only had time to work and sleep.  And barely enough time for sleep.  Then it was hard to get back into the groove of going to the gym because I would keep thinking "Well, I'll just get caught up tonight."  That happened every single night.

Then came Minnesota Weird March 2012.  Our weather has been like spring break to Florida without packing in the bags.  Mid 70's today and 70's all week.  I finally got somewhat caught up at work and I've been running outside.  I will be canceling my membership at the YMCA soon because I just don't need it when I have the beautiful outdoors.  Maybe next winter I will join a less pricey gym.  But right now, I don't need it.  I ran 3 miles this morning with Andy and Duke.  We had a beautiful walk this evening.  I would be lying if I said it was all peaches and cream though.  I put on a lot of weight this year.  More weight=more stuff to carry around on my runs.  More stuff to carry=turtle's pace.  I actually don't even know how fast I am running at but at this point, I don't care.  I just want to build up my runs and get back to my former skinnier self!

Other good news....I got ENGAGED!  Andy proposed the day after Thanksgiving in font of the Christmas tree after we finished decorating it.  He was so nervous that he put the ring on the wrong hand and I didn't have the heart to tell him until we went to sit down.  He then proposed another time with the ring on the correct hand.  We are planning an April 2013 wedding as we have to wait for my little brother, Joe, to return from Afghanistan. Joe will be leaving next month for Afghanistan.

So along with the motivation to feel healthy, I also have the motivation to look great in my wedding dress!  I am hoping lose about 40 pounds before our wedding and I am positive it can happen.  I lost 70 in high school in less time than I have now.  I can do it again.  Here we go: Operation Losing It.

Andy and I also signed up for the Twin Cities Marathon 2012!  It will be his first marathon.  :-)

If any of you are still out there in Blogland, let me know!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Running to Nowhere

Running is probably one of the only things that I can give myself credit for lately.  Usually I leave these sort of conversations for my "Ramblings of Rachel" blog but honestly that blog is dead and I need to do some venting.

I should just say that I've been exercising regurarly.  Not neccesarily running.  Although, I do try to at least get a mile in during every workout.   I did start some strength training that really seems to help my running along as well.  I've been trying out new classes (zumba, dancing, cycling) and new machines in the gym.  I love my gym time.

I don't love the rest of my day. I finished student teaching in December and went back to my old job at the library. Honestly, it is just a bad fit.  I want to be teaching.  I want to be doing something other than spending 2 hours of my day driving to and from work and $3.75 in parking.  I want to be doing something where people aren't calling me to tell me that "this" or "that" isn't working or that "so and so" is doing something that they don't like and can I deal with it?  I wake up every morning and wish I could just not go to work. 

Then sometimes I feel like I'm constantly waiting.  I don't want to talk specifics here because you all might think I'm silly.  But leaving a large part of your future in someone else's hands probably lends itself to the silliness.

Anyways, so running is really my outlet right now.  I've planned a few trips surrounded around running and visiting my little brother who is in the Army.  I will be headed out to Seattle in June to run the Rock N Roll Seattle half marathon and that should be a good time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Back in the Groove (Tentative Race Schedule 2011)

Finally starting to get back in the groove with a steady workout schedule.  I have been taking a few classes at Lifetime and have enjoyed the exploration!  I go to Zumba every week with Andy's sis-in-law and it has been a blast.  I'm not very coordinated nor am I a great dancer but it has been fun.  I went to a spinning class this weekend that really kicked my butt.  I was so exhausted a the end!  I think I will attempt to make that one a weekly thing as well.

Everything seems to be falling into place as far as my race schedule goes.  I am so excited!  I am hopefully running at least one full marathon and quite a few half marathons this year.  Tentative race schedule below:

March 19- Get Lucky 7k
May 1 or 7- General Mills Run of the Mills (5k)
June 5- Minneapolis Half Marathon (w/ Andy!!!)
July- Lindstrom Loppet
June 25- Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon (little bro stationed nearby w/ Army)
Oct. 23- Rock N Roll St. Louis Full Marathon

I am also debating whether I want to attempt the Twin Cities Marathon on Oct. 2 so close to the St. Louis.  I may just try to enter into the 10 mile again or just volunteer.  I love that marathon though!  Also hoping to make it down to some other races in the midwest.  But these are my big races.